How it works?

What is a Rainbow Soul? We use 'Rainbow Soul' to describe a person who is ready to dig deep inside themselves to explore every colour & shade of their lives, someone who is complex, complicated and isn't afraid to feel it all! We are going deep and dirty to bring out the juicy goodness but we know we are going to be working with colourful emotions and sensations along the way.

What is a Rainbow Soul Surprise Box?

Our boxes bring the Rainbow Soul journey invitations to your door every quarter (January/April/July/October) through, beautiful products, rituals, daily practices and little treats. Our boxes cost £35 per quarter by quarterly subscription or £36 as a one-off gift. They make a wonderful self-care investment or a thoughtful gift. Payment will continue to be taken out on a quarterly basis (around the 15th) unless you have purchased a one-off gift.

We explore practices from all over the planet, offering a smorgesboard of spirituality, wellness methods and soul work so you can discover, from the comfort of your own home, what works for you. We want to bring Rainbow Soul to the lives of woman. No longer will any woman need to hide her true colours. We want them on show in their full glory (when you want to, of course).So, join us, join the Rainbow Soul Tribe, we are welcoming you with arms wide open. x

Step 1

Sign up then check out our social media channels

Step 2

Wait until delivery (should be with you by the end of the month)

Step 3

Get a package! Your Rainbow Soul time has arrived!

What are you waiting for? Start your box today!